How to Find a Reliable Car Locksmith in Charlotte NC on a Budget

If you’ve ever locked your keys in your car, I’m sure you know how much it SUCKS. I was in this very predicament a few nights ago, and it’s a pretty good story so I figured I’d write about it and tell you how I found the best auto locksmith Charlotte NC (or any state ever, for that matter) has to offer, and how he pretty much saved my fucking life.

So, first, my keyless remote stopped working and I had to use my key to unlock my door when I got out of the yoga studio on Saturday morning. It’s such a pain being used to pushing a button and having to go from that to actually putting the key into the keyhole, but whatevs… (I know, I know… #firstworldproblems, right?) I suppose it could be worse…

Anyway, I was driving around all day with no issues whatsoever. Then I went to pick up a friend that evening, ’cause we had tickets to a play at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center uptown. We went to eat first at this fancy schmancy restaurant in the city (a Brazilian Steakhouse called Chima) and I used the valet service so we wouldn’t have to worry about parking and walking too far.

The food was amazing which made it much easier to accept the fact that somehow, the valet ended up locking my keys in the car. When we left Chima, we walked straight to Blumenthal to see the play. When we got back to Chima we went to the entrance where the valet was standing, and he started looking for my keys but couldn’t find them…

I’m thinking to myself, oh shit. What now? Did I mention also that my friend was very, very, VERY fucking pregnant? Yeah. Like 42 weeks and ready to POP. Her doc said that if she didn’t go into labor by that Sunday she’d have to be induced.

Well, lucky her, because—yeah, you guessed it—her water broke. Right there on the sidewalk. Right as we were figuring out that the valet didn’t have my keys because he locked them in my fucking car! My reaction went something like this…

She needed a ride to the hospital STAT, and we were his last car before he punched the clock and went home, so he offered to drive us there. Nice guy, right? Of course at the time, I’m thinking, “yeah, you better drive us to the hospital. It’s the least you can do after all this… and when this is over, you better call us a locksmith and foot the bill for him to unlock my car too…”

He did all that and more… and he apologized profusely, which I appreciated.

Oh, and we’re going on a date next weekend. 🙂

Told you it was a good story! Anyway, on to how I found the best locksmith in the city. It’s really very simple: first, I consulted my good friend Google.

Apparently, there are lots of scammers in the locksmith industry. I didn’t know this at first, but I’m big on research and was hesitant to call the first website I visited on my phone. We had some time to kill at the hospital, so I called a few different places, and they all quoted me outrageous prices. So much so, I even considered having my car towed to a dealership to get it unlocked. As soon as this guy picked up the phone, I had a really good vibe. He was very nice and honest about how long it would take him to get to the restaurant where my car was parked, and he didn’t seem upset that we called him in the middle of the night. I told him he could take his time since we were at the hospital anyway.

My friend had her baby pretty quickly. Only 3 hours of active labor, which started very soon after her water broke around 11 p.m. Little Sam was born at 2:16 a.m. and we got to meet him before driving back to my car to meet the locksmith. (Isn’t he cute?)

Baby Sam, born at 2:16 a.m. on Oct. 18, 2015

When we got back to my car, Mike (the locksmith) unlocked it within 10 minutes and even made me a new keyless remote for the price of FREE, which I was not expecting. He was awesome, and SO nice. (Did I mention that already?)

Moral of this story: if you’re ever on a budget and you’re looking for a locksmith in Charlotte NC, don’t bother looking too hard—just call Mike over at Car Keys and he’ll hook you up!