The Whole Transgender Bathroom Thing

transgender bathroom signThere has been a lot of uproar online about new transgender bathroom laws in some states that would allow anyone to use any public restroom based on which gender they identify most closely with. So if you’re a man who identifies as female, you can use the women’s restroom and vice versa.

I realize that my view on this is not popular and this post may garner a lot of negative responses. For that reason, I’m going to disable comments, because I’m not writing to prompt an open discussion. I’m writing to get this off my chest, and I don’t feel like dealing with people who will likely want to curse me for simply expressing my opinion. Just thought I’d put that lil’ disclaimer here so you’re aware before you continue reading…

People say that transgenders should be allowed to use the restroom of their choice. And to that I say, “fine.” I have no problem with a person who is really a transgender using the restroom labeled with the gender with which they most closely identify.

People also say that these laws will not result in higher rates of sexual assault, rape, and abuse by sex offenders and pedophiles. To that I say, “do you have children?” And for that matter, “have you or your children ever been victims of sexual abuse?” If your answer is no, then please shut your mouth.

As a soon-to-be mom of 2 (one girl), I do not feel comfortable with someone who is anatomically male using a women’s restroom. I don’t care what they say as far as what gender they believe they should have been born as. Actions speak louder than words people. When did we lose our freaking common sense as a nation?

This is a threat to our safety, and it can very well lead to abuse by sex offenders. It already has in some places. Not to mention, there are registered sex offenders heading up the political efforts to pass these laws! Um… HELLO??????

I’m sorry, but I am not okay with someone who has a penis being able to look through the cracks of a bathroom stall and mine or my daughter’s vagina. And you shouldn’t be either.

I’m not saying that transgenders shouldn’t have equal rights, however, so hear me out.

If you’re anatomically a male who truly identifies as a female, then stop complaining like a whiny little bitch about equal rights, and go have a sex change. If you really think you should have been born a woman, then go become one. Until you actually have a vagina, I don’t care what you say. I don’t care if you dress up in drag and wear makeup. You cannot simply open your mouth and say “I’m a woman” and walk into a woman’s restroom unless you’ve had the surgery to prove it. Put your money where your mouth is, and then I’ll believe you. As long as you don’t have a penis to assault women with, I don’t care if you use my restroom.

Now, I know there are instances of same-sex assault, but it’s far more rare, and I feel way more comfortable with people who are anatomically similar to me using the restroom I use. And I have every right to speak my mind here and to argue that states either build transgender restrooms or require anatomical proof before simply allowing men who say their women but still have a penis to share a public restroom with my family.

I understand that people who are truly transgender are not the ones who will abuse this law. It’s the creepy male sex offenders who like to prey on women and children who will. If we simply allow someone who says they identify with a certain gender to enter any restroom of their choice without anatomical proof, we are putting people in danger, all because these whiny transgender bitches want to create an uproar over “equal rights.” Give me a freaking break people. Our country has way bigger problems to worry about… This isn’t about transgender people having equal rights. This is about non-transgender people who will take advantage of this new law in the worst way possible and we’re just opening the door to it, all in the name of “equal rights?” What about a woman’s right to privacy and safety? That goes out the door as soon as a penis walks into a woman’s restroom. I don’t care what that person says about their gender. If they truly identify as a woman, then they need to prove it.

Cut your balls off, and then we’ll talk. That’s all I have to say for now. Thanks for putting up with the rant.