Why Do All Trader Joe’s Parking Lots Suck?

Trader Joe's

Went to visit some friends in California last week and we drove the rental car to Trader Joe’s. I’ve been to Trader Joe’s in Charlotte plenty of times, and the parking lot sitch is always pretty horrible. All of their spaces are full, so I have to drive around for like half an hour just to find a spot to squeeze my car into, and when I say squeeze, I really mean squeeze. It’s ridiculous how difficult it is to get my Prius into a damn space. Sometimes, I literally have to suck my stomach in 2 inches just to get out of the car. I didn’t figure I’d have the same experience in Cali, but I did. Come to find out just about all  TJ’s parking lots are a big fat joke. (Or a little, tiny joke if you want to get technical.)

Why would I spend time writing a rant about my experience parking at Trader Joe’s, you ask? Well, ordinarily I wouldn’t care, but we rented a car, and because it was so hard to squeeze it into the parking space, I accidentally bumped into a neighboring vehicle while trying to park and it ended up costing me big time. My insurance is through the roof, and all I did was scratch the other car a tiny bit. The damage wasn’t even that big, nor was the expense to fix it, but you know how these auto insurance companies seem to enjoy ripping people off!

So, my question is this: Trader Joe’s why do all your parking lots suck? Do you purposely build your store on tiny lots and then try to cram in as many parking spaces as possible? I just don’t get it… The whole experience was enough to make me never want to visit one of your stores again.

Oh but that red pepper tomato soup and boxed shiraz are just too damn good to pass up…