Pixie Me Rollin…


This is a guest post from Gwen Payne, a short-haired gal out of Dallas, TX. Thanks, Gwen, for your fabulous insight!

I started growing out my pixie cut after having a baby one year ago. 3 months in, I thought I’d be funny and start a social networking support group for girls with short hair. It blew up pretty fast, so now I’m entertaining the thought of building a blog that will serve as a resource for girls with pixie cuts who are looking for style tips, grow-out tips, product recommendations, etc.

I threw around a couple of domain names. Hubs suggested “pixiemerollin.com.” It’s not the one I went with, but the more I say it, it does have a nice ring to it. Right?

Pixie Me Rollin’. Maybe when I get famous, I’ll chop off my hair again, buy that domain, and use it as my personal brand website.

All my fans can pixie me rollin’ in a chauffeured black car. We’ll travel the country doing charity concerts. We’ll rent a hotel room and buy dinner for the homeless guy who’s begging on the corner outside the venue. We’ll talk to him about his hopes and dreams and figure out a way to help him get back on his feet.

It’s one person, but that person is significant. His life matters. Everyone’s life matters. He should experience joy and peace and grace, not because he deserves it (none of us do), but because his creator wants to give him that. We’ll share that good news and help him put together a plan and budget that’ll take him from street to sleek in one year or less.

Those are the kinds of things I dream about. I bet Tupac dreamed about stuff like that too. Just sayin’ ;).

I’m not on the streets, but I did recently move back in with the rents so I could save money and build my dreams. Hubs and I gave ourselves one year to do it. And believe it or not, this blog is one of the tools we’re using to help us get there.

It’ll be fun to look back at this post one year from now and compare where we are at that point to where we were when I wrote it. Until then… just pixie me rollin…

Welcome To Our Website…

Popsquire was kidnapped. We bought this domain because we really liked the name. As a group of influencers who happen to enjoy living vicariously through pop stars (not really), this seemed like the perfect fit.

That said, we’d like to welcome you to our site. There will be more to come very soon, but for now, please feel free to take a look around, and if you’re interested in becoming a contributor, send an email to info@popsquire.com with your pitch. If we like it, we’ll be in touch!

In the meantime, this will be our place to write about the things we care about. We’ll share stories (mostly celebrity gossip), life lessons, ideas, practical tips and tricks, and whatever else comes to mind. Hopefully, we can begin to make a collective difference in the blogosphere, and eventually, the world.

‘Til then, take care…